About Charles Rosier

Charles RosierCharles Rosier studied at Fénelon Sainte-Marie and took a scientific final degree in ’91. He then took 2 years of classes preparing for the major French business colleges at a school by the name of Intégrale.

Charles Rosier started out his work at Lehman Brothers in ’96, prior to joining UBS Warburg investment bank and later on Goldman Sachs bank in which he was responsible for the finance group. Ever since two thousand ten, Charles Rosier has been working for BTG Pactual bank.

Charles Rosier has been among the 1st shareholders in Micro Power Design (M Powerd), a company generating economical photovoltaic torches for the poor economies together with eco-friendly end users in rich places.

Along with his working activity, Charles Rosier has a strong curiosity about scientific research. Thus, the businessman has put money in Pr Baulieu’s lab, which works on cures for neuro degenerative ailments, similar to depression or Alzheimer.

A song and movie fanatic, Charles Rosier has backed up the development of « Golden Door », (honored at the Venice, Italy) and then made it easier for young French artist Lola to start out a music job.