Charles Rosier and wine : a family heritage

Charles Rosier’s passion for wine is intimately linked to his childhood. The strolls in the vines, their changeable colours ranging from soft green to shimmering red, the growth of the grapes, mark out his years until adolescence, which strung out throughout the seasons and the harvest in the Loire Valley.

Passion for wine: a family heritage


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Initiated by his parents and grandparents, he takes part in the exchanges, wet his little boy’s lips to discover the aromas and learns to breathe the wine’s notes. After graduating from high school, he successfully completed a BTS in the food industry, which he strengthened with a Bachelor’s degree in the fields of quality and health, safety and environment.

He completed his master’s degree at the University of Montpellier, which gave him the title of oenologist. His career was launched. Loving to travel, he went abroad and trained to learn all facets of the profession.

He worked as a winemaker in a winery in Sicily, before taking up the position of buyer-oenologist within a major group. He was responsible for the acquisition of parcels and grape trading. He thus became familiar with all the positions allowing him to better understand the wine market and its challenges.

These multiple experiences encouraged him to move towards his professional independence. He started his own business and became a consultant as an oenologist. His skills and human qualities are still appreciated by all. He collaborated with many companies and accepted numerous missions abroad which led him, among other places, to Argentina, Italy and Spain.

A vocation for transmitting wine knowledge



Charles Rosier is friendly by nature and loves to pass down his knowledge and passion for wine. After graduating with a BTS in viticulture and oenology, he also tested his skills as a sommelier in one of the most renowned French gourmet restaurants for two years. This experience was a welcome opportunity for him to deepen his knowledge of vineyards and cuvees and to develop his palate and sense of smell.

The work of a sommelier consists in managing the stocks of a cellar and recognizing a vintage in blind tasting so that it can then be associated with the dishes offered during a meal. It is essential to have a passion for the region and wine heritage, but also to be open-minded to suggest pairings that will seduce the people who will taste these alliances.

The sommelier’s occupation has developed his sense of creativity and sharpened his curiosity for cooking and spices. A good sommelier’s trump card is to create a varied and original menu with less well-known, but nevertheless noteworthy wines. This profession develops curiosity and forces one to be attentive to customers’ desires.

Share know-how and curiosity about wine heritage



Now expert in vineyards and crus, wines and liqueurs have no more secrets for Charles Rosier. The management of an estate, the exploitation of a vineyard and the elaboration of a wine are processes that he masters from start to finish. In love with the Loire, he is passionate about Touraine wines.

In collaboration with the regional authorities, he worked out an entertaining exploration to discover the wines of the Loire Valley. Extending from Nantes to Sancerre, this vineyard extends along the Loire River. Among famous castles, winegrower villages and troglodytes, the estates are discoverable by the water and promenades in this superb region which counts more than 400 tourist cellars and 1000 estates open to the public.

The Loire Valley has perfectly integrated vineyards into its architectural and natural heritage. Oenotourism makes sense and charms enlightened amateurs and beginners alike. By taking part in the creation of a hiking map for geological and wine-growing enthusiasts, he reveals his love for nature and the environment.

Tendencies that led him to travel and take an interest in foreign vineyards to gain a better understanding of the growths of the great European wine producing or South American countries such as Argentina.

He gladly claims to be an explorer of the land and nature always on the lookout for a new treasure. He shares a universal perception of wine, not limiting his vision to thinking that France is the sole major wine producer. Countries such as Australia, South Africa and California are now producing wines worthy of interest that can compete with the great European ones.

The interactions between oenologists have made it possible to work on the quality of the vineyards and crus, taking into consideration the particularities of the soils and the climate.

An explorer of the region to delight our taste buds



For this nature lover, the riches from the land must be appreciated. Well decided to share his knowledge, he gives trainings on oenology.

They are open to both professionals and private individuals. For companies, it provides on-demand services on specific themes. Eventually, Charles Rosier dreams of opening his own training centre for young adults interested in this field.

He believes that sharing his experience and curiosity for wine with them in all simplicity would be the best way to rejuvenate the wine’s identity and perpetuate this science of the sense of taste.
A man of his time, he started an online blog. A tool for sharing his experience and passion for oenology, he uses it to convey his wine knowledge and discoveries. An excellent vector for democratizing the lexicon linked to this universe and breaking down prejudices.

For those who are curious to know more about an appellation, a vintage, a vineyard or to start learning about oenology, reading it is a treasure trove of information. This wine specialist knows how to pass on his passion and reveals the knowledge he has acquired as an experienced oenologist.